Breeding Philosophy

Every characteristic that you breed for is important, and if anyone falls into the trap of breeding for one thing as "the most important" then it is at the risk of forgetting everything else.

Our breeding philosophy is based upon four primary objectives; Health, Temperament, Breed Type and Construction. By "Breed Type" we mean that the Border Collie has the attributes that would make him/her useful and correct for their original purpose ie Herding Sheep over any terrain. In our opinion what sets apart a "great breeder" from being just another breeder is ultimately the successful balancing act of all of the above.

We meticulously match sire and dam (over several generations of pedigrees) to always try to retain the virtues and improve what we feel we need at the same time. The fact that both of us are experienced specialist Border Collie championship show judges provides us with a great foundation for the analysis of our current dogs, the pedigrees and knowledge of past & present dogs and also the resulting progeny from litters.

We also consider that the rearing of puppies is also of great importance and invest enormously in this period.
We seldom breed but when we do we are careful and considerate in the placement of puppies into their new homes and offer continued support to the owners throughout the lifetime of their dog.

A & F Border Collies

Jo Ratcliffe & Ross Green
Arrodare & Fayken Border Collies

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